Not all injection mouldings are the same.

Our ambition is to find outstanding and trailblazing solutions for the production of difficult components for our customers. Technologies such as multi component die castings with turntable, index plates or co-injections are part of our everyday life and usually in combination with Film Insert Moulding.

Film Insert Moulding, known as FIM, is the most multifarious process for high-tech surface design.
2D and 3D shaped foils of the most diverse plastics and with the most diverse surface structures, artificial or real leather, fabric or also wood veneers are injection-moulded from the back or the front. A relatively new sandwich technique is used, in which a foil is enclosed between two plastic components. A virtual glass-like finish, like that for an iPhone is thus produced.

For 1-component injection moulding, 50 t to 250 t injection moulding machines are available; and 100 t to 350 t for 2-component injection moulding.

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