Graphic arts

New Albea prepares graphic data.
As a result, it is even possible to implement customer requests voiced at short notice.


The use of computer-based technologies is also becoming increasingly apparent where screen production is concerned. The data is transmitted from the graphics computer to the computer-to-screen system. After the screen has been coated, digital imaging takes place by laser directly from the database. By means of a traversable exposure head, the coated screen is directly exposed line by line with UV light and is automatically washed away in the subsequent process. The advantage of this process is that no film is needed as the copy template, since the information is directly transmitted digitally. The outcome is characterized by its economic efficiency and thus fulfils high demands, such as noticeably improved hardening and the associated higher durability and quality of the screens.

Screen printing is one of the core competencies of New Albea Kunststofftechnik GmbH. The use of several colouring systems, screen templates in diverse sizes and resolutions in the most diverse raster widths are precisely attuned to the material to be printed and the print. During the subsequent actual printing process, the required design is achieved by suitably overprinting colour by colour. Depending on use, a surface coating can subsequently be applied.

Screen printing, whether optical prints or functional coatings on foils, offers a surprising number of variants.

Screen print on panel and roll

The diverse screen printing systems – semi-, three quarter and fully automatic machines as well as roll to roll, offer a wide variety of possibilities both with regard to the quality of the print as well as with regard to the printable materials and material thicknesses.

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