Kevin Zehnle will be trained as a toolmaker

What made you decide on this vocation?

I decided on the vocation of a toolmaker, because I very much prefer precise, clean and precision working with various materials. Another reason for my choice of vocation was the fact that I can work on machines, something that I already had great fun with at the vocational college.

What’s your everyday work like?

As a trainee toolmaker, I make stamping dies for processing industrial plastics. My duties also include servicing and repair work. During training, I was provided with fundamental knowledge about the various machining processes as well as for handling CNC machine tools. My everyday work consists therefore of servicing and repairing various tools, I also carry out installation work, milling, grinding, drilling, turning and cutting. I consider this variety to be a great deal of fun.

How long is your traineeship, what are the preconditions for the applicant and what are your perspectives?

Training as a tool maker takes three and a half years. With a good school leaving qualification, with good grades in maths and physics as well as technical comprehension and craft skills, I can easily manage the tasks given to me. Upon completion of the traineeship, I can continue to train through external courses to become a master craftsman or technician. An advanced course of studies in the technical sector is also possible.

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