Martin Prozman is training to be a process technician for plastic and rubber technology

What are your main duties?

As a process technician for plastic and rubber technology, I set up the machines for every production cycle. During training, I learn about the setting up and programming of the production machinery. As a plant and team support officer, I organize and monitor production.

How long is your traineeship and what are the preconditions for the applicant?

To become a process technician for plastics, the training takes three years. Helpful for this training is a good school leaving qualification, with good grades in maths and physics. A certain level of technical comprehension and craft skills as well as teamwork, are advantageous for this vocation.

What do you consider to be the perspectives and possibilities for promotion after you have completed your training?

After I have completed my training, I have the opportunity to work as a craftsman and to specialize in specific technologies. In addition, I can train to become a master craftsman or technician. Naturally, I can also continue to study engineering.

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