Desmond Igbinovia is training to become an industrial clerk

What’s your everyday work like?

How to handle customers, suppliers as well as modern information technology determines the job description of the industrial clerk. One major aspect is that of distribution and materials management with the sectors of procurement, logistics and sales. Additional sectors are those of accounting and human resources. Diverse tasks and challenges need to be dealt with every day. The three-year training course takes place within the company and at the vocational college. Diverse operating procedures in various commercial departments are explained to me within the company, whilst I learn about the essential theoretical background at the vocational college. Tuition at the vocational college takes place on 1-2 days per week or in full time blocks.

Once this training is complete, it is possible to obtain further education to become a business administrator, commercial assistant or an industrial specialist. The study of business economics is an additional perspective for vocational qualification.

What must the applicant provide from the educational and personal aspects for this trainee place?

Applicants for training as an industrial clerk should be capable of teamwork and be open-minded and interested in commercial relationships. An ability to communicate and to interact with people is very important in this vocation, since industrial clerks are the interface between customers, suppliers and the company. Good grades in English are just as important as those in maths and German. Basic skills in MS Word and Excel facilitate entry.

What tips do you have for interested students?

A student internship provides a good insight into the procedures and simplifies the decision. Through this type of internship, one gains a good insight into specific sectors and one can more easily imagine the daily duties of an industrial clerk.

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